HPI Cheer is a trust created by the team of High Places International – A Global Executive Search Consulting firm – based out of India, Australia and USA. It is a non-profit trust directed to benefit the lesser-privileged sections of the society and is officially registered with the Government of India..

Mistakes are the best teachers – this philosophy drove us to be grateful for our failures as much as our success. Hence, for every error that occurred, our team made monetary contributions to welfare causes to celebrate our learnings and growth. This concept has now evolved to us giving our time, effort, energy and money to make a meaningful and lasting impact on society. Providing fresh, nutritious food to the homeless, supporting education of children from the underprivileged sections of the society and rehabilitation of the physically disabled are causes that are closest to our heart.

HPI Cheer, which started as a small expression of our gratitude, has now taken a steeper flight than we imagined. Funded by the generosity of satisfied clients, grateful candidates, well-wishers, human capital investors and our global team, HPI Cheer continues to breathe a new lease of life into impossible life circumstances.


The idea started initially as a way to celebrate our mistakes at work. We realised that when mistakes are made, it causes pain to all concerned. We wanted to transform this energy into something lighter, more expansive. We wondered, what if for every mistake we made, we set aside a small amount of money, and then used the collected funds to bring joy to someone. We started out small - using the funds collected to provide a few meals for the homeless, paying the school fees for a deserving child who otherwise would have to drop out of school. We soon realised that this initiative helped us to forgive ourselves and others when mistakes were made. It also helped us to hold ourselves accountable, pursue excellence at work and yet do so with a certain lightheartedness. And the joy that we received when we reached out to give - made us understand that we are receiving a lot more than what we are giving.

Why only celebrate mistakes, why not celebrate the very many blessings in our lives? This question sparked us to start contributing on birthdays, anniversaries and other happy occasions. We contributed when we failed but also when we succeeded.

Today HPI Cheer has evolved from a way of celebrating our mistakes and pursuing excellence at work to the way we live and celebrate life.

Contributing to HPI Cheer as a way to say “Thank you” :
We are fortunate to be part of a profession that allows us to enable professional and personal growth. As headhunters, we also offer coaching for professional and personal success. When our work has positively and meaningfully impacted our clients or candidates, we receive a lot of appreciation. Many of our candidates and clients have discovered that contributing to HPI Cheer is a beautiful way to express their appreciation for our work.


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